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Meets the requirement of ISO VG and international standards


Sinotech HLP 32, 46, 68, are premium grade anti-wear extreme pressure hydraulic oil with excellent anti-ware, oxidation stability and rust preventive properties. They also have a high V. I. and maintain good lubrication over a wide temperature range. They are recommended for high pressure hydraulic systems and also for system where high pump speed are encountered. They conform to BIS: 11656-86 and DIN 51524 part 2 specifications.

Available grades: 32, 46, 68 ISO VG

Available packing: 5, 20, 50,210 litres


Sinotech THX 32, 46, 68 oils are high performance shear stable hydraulic oils and find wide application in the hydraulic systems of heavy duty earthmoving machinery. They exhibits a very high Viscosity Index and very low pouring point making them ideal as an all-weather type oils suitable for the earthmoving machinery operating under hostile environment. These oils also an excellent anti-ware and anti- oxidation property and give a long life.

Sinotech oils are in the category of super clean hydraulic oil and pass the cleanliness requirements as per ISO code SAE J1165 Oct’86 standards.

Available Grades: 32, 46 ISO VG SC

Available packing: 5, 20, 50,210 litres


DURA COOL HDX XP is high quality synthetic coolant. Indilube Dura Cool is recommended for use in Radiators of Trucks, Tractors, Earth Movers, LCVs, DG sets and Cars.

Application: For normal application dilute 1 part of Indilube Dura Cool with 9 parts of drinking water (Use of distilled or demineralized water not required). For severe duty applications Dilute 1 part of Indilube Dura Cool with 5 parts of water.

Optimum performance change radiator coolant every 6 months.

Packs Available: 1, 3.5 Litres.

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