Sigma Synth 10W-40 (3.5L)

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Sigma Synth XP 10W-40 is high performance synthetic blend engine oil meeting performance level of API API SN/CF. It’s designed to provide maximum engine protection for all passenger CARS, SUV, VAN, MPV. SIGMA range is suitable for high performance engines especially those which operate under the most severe conditions.

Meets the requirements of ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4, API SN/SM/CF, MB 229.3/ 229.5, Porsche A 40, VW 502 00/ 500 00, BMW LL-01, PSA B71 2296, RN 710/ 700 performance standard.



• Petrol, LPG, CNG and Diesel fueled passenger cars, vans, SUV’s


• Longer oil life & lower oil consumption with superior soot handling.
• Exceptional thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
• Reduced vehicle maintenance cost.
• Outstanding protection against wear, rust, corrosion and exceptional engine cleanliness.
• Outstanding low temperature fluidity.
• Strong oil films stops metal to meet contact.
• Superior protection of exhaust emission control system.
• Possess excellent chemical and oxidation stability.
• A perfect blend of Synthetic base oils and hi-tech additive system ensures Optimum Power, Optimum Performance, Fuel Efficiency, Protection, Durability, Lower Emissions.


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