Synth Gear XP 75W-85 (1L)

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Synth Gear XP 75W-85 is a hypoid gear oil formulated from high performance base oils and an advanced additive system. This product has been specifically engineered for use in passenger car axles and other applications specified by MB 235.7, MB 235.74 or MB 239.71. It’s a full synthetic manual transmission lubricant with outstanding low temperature fluidity, oxidation stability and synchroniser performance.


• Recommended for passenger car and light commercial vehicle transmissions, transaxles and transfer cases where API GL-3 or GL-4 and SAE 75W-85 or SAE 80 viscosity is specified.

• Excellent oxidation stability makes it suitable for high temperature and extended drain service
• Proven synchroniser performance makes gear shifting easier and transmission operation quieter
• Very fluid at low temperatures for easier cold start gear shifting in synchronised transmissions
• Good wear and EP performance ensures component protection under high load conditions reducing downtime and service costs
• Compatible with normal mineral oil, hence no special flushing procedure is needed when changing from mineral to synthetic oil
• Long drain performance – potentially lower maintenance costs and greater vehicle availability
• Specially selected synthetic base fluids and additive system – very stable viscosity in service


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