ULTIMA GO CNG 20W-50 (3.5L)

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ULTIMA GO CNG 20W-50 CH-4+ is premium quality engine oil developed for CNG/LPG fueled Engines. The product is made from highly paraffinic base stocks and fortified with select additives to deliver superior performance.
ULTIMA GO CNG is available in 20W-50 viscometrics. The superior additive chemistry ensures protection against oxidation and nitration caused due to high temperature combustion of CNG/LPG Fuels in Engine. Right dosage of anti-wear and balanced detergency helps to protect the engine from wear and deposits, resulting in trouble free operation for longer service intervals.



• ULTIMA GO CNG 20W-50 CH-4+ is recommended for all types of autos, passenger cars and minivans running on CNG/LPG fuel. It can also be used in petrol engines to render satisfactory performance.

• Extended oil life due to excellent oxidation and nitration resistance
• Excellent high temperature lubricity, detergency and dispersancy, keeps the engine clean
• Oil is suitable for use in all seasons and helps in reducing oil consumption
• Perfectly balanced anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-wear properties
• Optimized ash content prolongs the life of valves and spark plugs, prevents pre-ignition, carbon deposits on valves and ring sticking
• Prevents ash accumulation and deposit formation
• Extended drain interval


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